Soccer 5 New Normal Phase 2 Skills & Drills

Jun 29, 2020


The objective is to start the drill from the goal box on one side of field and result in the ball entering the goal at the other side of the field.

This must be done by a string of passing combinations or skills from individuals in their assigned spaces.

Each space will be approx. 25 x 10 ft to allow more than adequate social distancing.

Players 1-5 are tasked with executing a drill to put the ball in the net at the end of the field where players 6-10 are based in their spaces.

A field marshal will oversee each drill session.

No player may exit their assigned space during a drill.

Players may change assigned spaces at a break in the drill and with consent of field marshal.

Each time a drill is completed, and the ball is made into the net at one side of the field, a drill will be restarted at the goal where the ball entered.

Players will be identified by wearing a similar color jersey to their drill partners. This color must be a contrast to opposing drill partner players.

The drill will consist of 60 minutes.

During that time, with permission of the field marshal, drill partners may change to execute the drill with other players as long as no jerseys are exchanged.

The player that is closest to the goal is permitted to wear gloves as they may be required to recover the ball from the goal to begin a new drill.

Larger field formats may include additional players so long as equivalent spaces are lined out for players to follow and adhere to guidelines for drills.

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