Soccer 5 New Normal - Booking a Field & Playing

Jun 4, 2020




Cash will not be accepted until further notice from management. Only Credit Card payment will be accepted for the foreseeable future.

A customer can book a field via once we have the go ahead from Miami Dade county to reopen ,a phone call to 305 873 8765 or directly to a site manager.

Upon booking the field customers are required to give a credit card whether online or on the phone to secure the booking. This will be charged in full unless customers intend to pay per player for the field.

To pay per player – customers should download Plei App - which will have a fast pay option to allocate your payment to your field rental.

If this function is not available at time of reopen customers can pay via Cashapp -

When paying via Cashapp a player must give their name and the detail of the field they are paying for. Example in the memo it should say $10 for Kendall 5v5 8pm tonight under John Smith. See document at foot of this page to help.

Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance and any within that period will be paid in full.


The process takes around 30 seconds and can be completed HERE


No cash payments will be accepted for any services or goods on site.

Only credit card payments will be accepted and any patron wishing to pay with a card must do so wearing a mask when they approach the point of sale. Social distancing will be enforced at each point of sale with patrons required to stand 6ft apart as marked by Soccer 5 / Miami Dade Parks.

Congregating in groups around the concession stand or outside any field entrance will not be allowed and strictly enforced.

Players are encouraged to stay in their vehicles until their allotted field time

Fields rented for 1 hour during peak times will be from on the hour to 55 mins past the hour – ie 7:00pm – 7.55pm

Where possible, groups entering the field to play will do so via the double gates. When time is up and players are exiting the field they should do so through the single gate exit.

See photo below for example from Tropical Park

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At 7.55pm a member of staff will enter the field to disinfect areas as required i.e. goals and entrances.

The exiting group must do so promptly and without protest to allow Soccer 5 staff to conduct a safety check ahead of the next group entering on the hour. In the case of the example above 8pm.

Individual consideration will be given to off peak rentals when there is not back to back reservations in the field schedule.

Failure to comply with the above will result in a temporary ban from the facility under direction from management. These rules are in place for the safety of Soccer 5 team members and park patrons alike.


Soccer 5 will provide gloves and masks for all team members to use during shifts. These are a mandatory requirement until further notice from management.

Soccer 5 will not provide bibs for use by players for the foreseeable future. They can be purchased from the concession at $5 per bib and are then the responsibility of the individual or group buying. Any bibs left behind on the premises will be disposed of in the trash.

Soccer 5 will provide balls for use during field rentals. Balls will be sprayed with disinfectant prior to and after each use. If a group is renting a ball it must be returned to a team member upon completion of their field rental. It must NOT be left on the field. Any ball not returned to Soccer 5 team member will be charged to the group renting it at retail price.

Balls will also be available for purchase subject to availability.

Ball pumps in the concession will not be given out to customers. A member of staff wearing gloves may take a ball and fill it for a customer and return.

No storage of any patrons’ personal items will be allowed at any concession area. That includes but is not limited to those requesting to have their phone charged.

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