Sep 17, 2020


The following procedures are put in place to ensure a safe and clean environment for our staff and players:

1. The 6‐ft of social Distancing is strictly enforced on all common areas of each Facility.

2. Each field shall allow a minimum of 500 square feet of space per player (for example our 7 v 7 fields are 11,000sf divided by 14 = 785sf).

3. Clients will only be allowed to enter facility on their designated time. They will be called in for the game and everyone shall remain in cars or designated areas with full social distancing measures in place until then.

4. Clients will not be allowed to stay in area drinking or socializing after the game.  They will enter a main entrance and exit through designated exits to prevent from contacts between strangers.

5. Face masks must be worn to and from the field but not required during play.

6. Each client will sign a waiver before playing. The waiver must include traceable details of each player.

7. Normal operating hours will be strictly enforced, and each facility will close promptly within 5 minutes of the last game without exception.

8. Clients must follow the one‐way paths we have designated in our common areas and are marked with arrows and signs.

9. Balls and gates are disinfected throughout the day/night.

10. Water Fountains are turned off.



1. Signs are placed throughout each facility instructing clients and employees to wash hands before and after using the bathroom.

2. Soap will always be available on every bathroom and only one person at a time may enter the bathroom.

3. Bathrooms are disinfected every two hours during our hours of Operation.

4. The entire Facility is Disinfected and cleaned before and after the operation of facility.

5. Every 30 days a deep Disinfecting procedure will be done to the entire facility to keep all surfaces free of bacteria, virus and germs for 30 days.

6. No scrimmage vest will be given out for the games. Please bring your own playing shirt.

7. We encourage touchless payments.

8. All employees have been trained for our guidelines.

9. All employees temperature taken pre work.

10. If any employees test positive for Covid‐19 all other employees that have been in contact with him/her will be encouraged to get tested and will be required to stay at home for a 14‐day quarantine. Soccer will close for 24 hours if required to allow our deep cleaning company to immediately provide us with another deep cleaning before reopening the facility.

11. We are in constant communication with our staff to keep them informed of all additional information about the protocol that may be added by the CDC guidelines.

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